Punjab region and eastern punjab dialect

Shah Jahan's son Aurangzeb was especially known for his religious intolerance and was known for his destruction of schools and temples which he saw as un-Islamic.

Punjabi language

In his second attempt, Bahlul Lodi captured Delhi and founded the Lodi dynasty, the last of the Delhi sultanates. When Alexander had reached Malloi and Oxydrakai in B.

Punjabi Punjabi is a intercontinental language. The area where it is spoken extends in the north from Muzaffarabad to as far south as Jhelum mainly in Dina and Sohawa tehsilsGujar KhanRawat and RawalpindiMurree Hills north of Rawalpindi, and east to Bhimber.

Punjab (region)

Closeness to western Pahari is unknown. In towns and cities, there was an increase in the population of urban Sikhs, while the same happened with an increase in rural Sikhs. After two years of gaining supporters, Banda Singh Bahadur initiated an agrarian uprising by breaking up the large estates of Zamindar families and distributing the land to the peasants.

It is spoken throughout a widespread area, spoken in Sargodha and Khushab Districts and also spoken in neighbouring Mianwali and Bhakkar Districts.

Its speakers are spread all over the world. Replacing the 'paternal' system of the ruling was replaced by 'machine rule' with a system of laws, codes, and procedures.


In Punjab and Kashmir, the Marathas were now major players. Golden Age The Gupta Empire at its maximum extent. Shahpuri[ edit ] Shahpuri dialect also known as Sargodha dialect is mostly spoken in Pakistani Punjab.

The dialect of the Hazara region to the northeast forms a dialect group of its own known as Northern Hindko or Kagani. Kumara Gupta had just earlier defeated several revolts from the Pushyamitras, a tribe of central India. A household that could not afford a buffalo was an unambiguous sign of being poor of the poorest.

History of the Punjab Save The History of the Punjab concerns the history of the Punjab region the Northern area of the Indian Subcontinent that straddles the modern day countries of India and Pakistan. Usurped by Chandra Gupta II, the new emperor had begun to consolidate the power of the empire where traces of disruption had presented himself.

Despite this, there was still persecution of the local Hindu people as many temples, such as that of Mathura, were destroyed and had a system of widespread discrimination against Hindus. The other 14 accepted British sovereignty. Rama Gupta had attempted to pay off the Sakas, but this had cost him his throne.

Punjabi Language

He in his couplets employs a blend of Multani and Lehndi. Hindko[ edit ] The diverse dialects of the furthest northwest areas of "Greater Punjabi" are known as Hindko.

The kingdom had rapidly conquered nearby kingdoms, and also conquered the Shahi capital of Kabul. At Lahore, there were increasing levels of nobles vying for power.

Punjabi language

A few of the cities that experience excellent tourist transportation include Patiala, Jalandhar, Amritsar and Ludhiana. The fact that the Indian city of Punjab boasts of history, cuisine and culture are a few of the prime reasons as to why tourists are more than excited in visiting the state.

Punjab region

LahoreMultanKashmir and other subahs on the eastern side of Attock were under Maratha rule.Feb 23,  · Punjab Punjabi: ਪੰਜਾਬ) is a state in the northwest of the Republic of India, forming part of the larger Punjab dfaduke.com state is bordered by the Indian states of Himachal Pradesh to the east, Haryana to the south and southeast and Rajasthan to the southwest as well as the Pakistani province of Punjab to the west.

It is also bounded to the north by Jammu and Kashmir. Punjabis are mostly and primarily found in the Punjab region, of India and Pakistan, which forms the present Indian state of Punjab and Pakistan province of Punjab, this is because the Punjab region was divided between the two nations at independence from Britain.

The Majhi dialect, the dialect of the historical region of Majha, spans the Lahore, Sheikhupura, Kasur, Okara, Gujranwala, Wazirabad, Sialkot, Narowal, Gujrat and to some extant in Jhelum District of Pakistani Punjab and Amritsar, Tarn Taran Sahib, and Gurdaspur Districts of the Indian State of Punjab.

Nov 05,  · Yes Imran Bhaiyya it is true that the Punjabi spoken in Eastern Punjab has a different dialect than the one spoken in Western Punjab.

Western Punjab (Pakistani Punjab) is more bigger and more diverse so there are more dialects and sub dialects of Punjabi spoken including Hindko, Seraiki etc. Eastern Punjabi dialect is more pure. Sep 06,  · In this post, I will look at two little known communities found mainly in north eastern Punjab province, roughly the area stretching from Lahore to the Himalayan foothills of Sialkot and Narowal districts, between the Ravi and the Chenab rivers.

Punjabi is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by inhabitants of the historical Punjab region both in Pakistan and India as well as in their Diasporas. Punjabi is spoken by approximately 88 million native speakers, making it the 11th most widely spoken language in the world.

Punjab region and eastern punjab dialect
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