Persuasive essay against standardized testing

Eleanor Martin This is a free essay on the arguments against standardized testing. Finally, if you are to write and essay but have little knowledge or interest in the subject, do not forget that there are plenty of custom essay writers that will gladly do the job for you.

Should illegal immigrants be granted same rights as citizens? Standardized aptitude tests predict how well students are likely to perform in some subsequent educational setting.

117 Great Persuasive Essay Topics for High School Level Students

Standardized testing has become prevalent in high school districts across the nation, including Michigan. There are also those who suggest that socioeconomic status also plays an important role in standardized exams making it an unequal battlefield for some students.

For instance, you can be sure that all schools will give attention to language arts, mathematics, and so on. According to Eleanor Martin, the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System which consumes 20 hours is an example of how Persuasive essay against standardized testing are robbed of the precious time for learning.

If somebody is smart enough to pay attention to all the things that a - you know, an automated system pays attention to, to incorporate them in their writing, that's no longer gaming.

Rather, students with low testing scores and higher GPAs fared better than students with higher scores and weaker GPAs. What Have You Lost?

As a consequence of carefully sampling content and concentrating on items that discriminate optimally among students, these test creators have produced assessment tools that do a great job of providing relative comparisons of a student's content mastery with that of students nationwide.

Standardized Testing in Education

In Figure 2's social studies item for 6th graders, look carefully at the four answer options. Although significant changes have occurred throughout the past three decades, the most dramatic modification in education occurred in in Texas.

Teachers will be pressured by the school to ensure that the students consistently score high. Another high school teacher speaks for many high school teachers who are perturbed with the significance of standardized tests in the classroom: Although a bit of competition is considered healthy, too much of it can be dangerous.

Increased pressure is put on teachers who work at schools that have poor test results; they are put on even tighter ropes by administrators and are unable to have much freedom in the way that they teach Henning 3; Kohn As a result, the number of hours the teacher devotes to meaningful learning is significantly reduced.

To illustrate the seriousness of the mismatch that can occur between what's taught locally and what's tested through standardized achievement tests, educators ought to know about an important study at Michigan State University reported in by Freeman and his colleagues.

Is it reasonable to keep suspected terrorists under custody? The four solutions proposed by Natriello and Pallas are a mere guideline to what could happen in the future to ensure that standardized tests do not become the entire curriculum and the be-all and end-all of education.

Does this mean your school's teachers are doing a super instructional job? You only have so much time to get prepared for a test and it cuts back on your social time drastically.

Advantages and Limitations of Standardized Tests

With this, research also shows that minorities statistically receive lower scores compared to the whites, since hidden biases in the management, development, and analysis of results are still present.

The test was first introduced in to high schoolers and includes five testing areas: Then teachers need to show the world that they can instruct children so that those children make striking pre-instruction to post-instruction progress.

This is a case where the machines are very, very stupid. As a result, the number of hours the teacher devotes to meaningful learning is significantly reduced. Should the government ban sports betting?

One year, she says, a student who wrote a whole page of the letter "b" ended up with a good score. To translate this article, contact permissions ascd. Sure, today it seems that getting your hands on any kind of information is simple. Called the Babel "Basic Automatic B. Schools should focus more on the development of a child, rather than ranking them based on the grades they receive in a test.

They also lose patience in teaching students who score low in standardized tests. Stereotypes that African Americans usually perform badly in standardized exams hamper their testing abilities. They're cheap to score. I recommend that you attempt to assess students' mastery of genuinely significant cognitive skills, such as their ability to write effective compositions, their ability to use lessons from history to make cogent analyses of current problems, and their ability to solve high-level mathematical problems.Apr 09,  · Persuasive Essay Secondary School Sat – Scribd Ben Henderson April 9, For and against standardized tests: Two student perspectives – WHYY These two essays were written by students in Katherine Cohen 39;s 7th-grade English class.

The Negative Effects of Standardized Tests on Students and Teachers Essay

Standardized tests are assessments that are made by testing companies to tell what students in different school districts know. Standardized tests should be kept in schools. One reason why standardized tests should be kept in schools is because they are a good measure of a student’s achievement.

Standardized tests are a common and popular way to evaluate the academic achievements of students, teachers, and school districts. They are used in many areas, such as in the army, civil service, medicine, and so on, but primarily standardized tests are associated with academic performance.

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research papers+estrogen+links to cancer persuasive essay against standardized testing. Easy Persuasive Speech Topics. Does standardized testing truly contribute to equal opportunities? All in all, you can see that writing a persuasive essay is no brain surgery.

Outline for Standardized Testing:

Still, it would be hard to argue that the process requires quite a bit of time and concentration. Plus, if you are assigned a persuasive paper in one of the minor. Persuasive Essay.

Olivia von Schwedler 12/07/09 Maria Maier English Persuasive Essay “Why the Six Drop Rule is a Good Idea” In the state of Texas, you are not allowed to drop more than six classes throughout your entire Texas college career.

Persuasive essay against standardized testing
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