How to write a loki fanfiction non-con

Then Loki felt the sun shine brightly through the blinds directly into his closed eyes. Yeah, I get like this. Steve is the long lost child of two Gods.

Loki & Harry Potter

Titans Bearing Gifts complete! Plus a few bonus mantras. Loki is stripped of his magic and title by Odin following an incident with the dark elves and he is given to Heimdall for his punishment. Spike Milligan did a whole series of Crack Fics of great works of literature, under the general heading of According to Spike Milligan.

Please tell me what you think so I know if this is a keeper or trash. What Clint keeps thinking about is a single woman who saved his life then disappeared.

It had been two months since Adrian came to Asgard, properly this time However light shines on more then just the truth. Loki trembled as he listened to the footfalls as they disappeared into the gloom of the shadows that seemed to be moving, he wasn't sure what was more frightening, the thought of Heimdall leaving him tethered helplessly with something moving in the shadows or the sound of him returning.

Family angst and psychological drama. This time, Loki has gone too far using the Olympians to wage war against his brother Thor, and as fate would have it, Loki gets the raw end of the stick for his endeavors.

My internet went in the middle of uploading this, so some sites were updated a day before other sites. T - English - Romance - Chapters: It is composed of five short chapters.

And lots of sweetness and love. I guess I have to put it first given the context. She claims to have a boring life, until everything changes one night when an unexpected, handsome visitor literally drops into her living room.

I hate to run but I would love to be able to do it like the pros. And then insomnia continued.

7D/7A – Here We Are At The End Of The Road

Afraid with the Doctor. Based on the Loki and the Loon comic series on Tumblr. And bonus computer geek d'Art. One full of the unintentional hilarity that comes of asking these characters to cook.

I love black and white, old school movies even though my favorite Hitchcock actually is Rope and that one is in color.

This story takes place a few years in the future when Sylar teams up with the other Heroes against a common foe; and forms a bond with Claire, who helps him with his guilt by spanking him. Starting in Chapter 8 and then even more in some following chapters I am drawing on information from a really cool group of "consultants" who help me add a dose of realism to the stuff to come note of gratitude included at the end of "Unpacking".

Rogue gets them out of the Spaniard's clutches, and together, they travel back to Paris. His mother let out a strangled cry and stumbled backwards.

There exists an obscure film called Geek Maggot Bingo. But then again, as Sylar learns, there are exceptions to every rule. When he reached the kitchen, he was met by the sight of his brother happily eating his way through a box of chocolate pop tarts, a whole other box already discarded to the side next to Mjolnir.

This is a cracky little fic that I wrote for my friend, and not meant to be taken seriously. POV is always from canon characters. Drunk with Harley and Ivy reviews Done as a drabble fic challenge! How the hell did he end up in another dimension?

Yep, sounds like a Tuesday. Not even a conception of Loki I quite buy, well, maybe by the end, actually. They expected him to cause chaos.

His ankles and wrists were bound exactly as he remembered them the night before. Things happen, and life will never be the same for anyone. That means I have to have worked out in my head my version of what happened.Disclaimer: I don't own Marvel, Lilo and Stitch or the Loki and the Loon comic series, most of the dialogue here is the artist's work.

As per usual, this is based on Megan's work and neither of us makes any claim to how Loki or Tom Hiddleston would behave in these situations. Pairings: Loki/Tony Stark/Steve Rogers/Bruce Banner friendship, Warnings: graphic depictions of violence and hints of non-con.

WIP. One Mortal Life -- And now for something completely different. Loki, as the punishment for his crimes, gets to share his new life on Midgard with two mortals, one of them a cheeky little girl, and accordingly has.

Pairing/Characters: Anyone/Loki; Loki, his children Summary: A powerful military organization captures Loki and uses him as a brood-mare to birth demi-god super soldiers.

Notes: rape/non-con, mpreg (male pregnancy), feels. It's one of the oldest stories of Loki and some historians say that in the beginning Loki was the god of fire, had a goddess of fire as his wife (norse: Glut, and the englisch translation of that word was glow, so let's just go with the german meaning) and the only later he became a trickster.

Loki had learned since the day he was born that nothing ever came by easily. If he wanted something, he had to fight for it. He would never miss an opportunity like this in a million millennia.

Oct 27,  · I write primarily Harry/Draco and Ron/Draco fic in HP, but I write a lot of rarepairs too, including femmeslash and the odd bit of het. Pansy and Snape show up quite a bit. In Buffy/Angel fandom I write Buffy/Faith and Angel/Spike the most, although again I write a lot of different pairings.

How to write a loki fanfiction non-con
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