How does one achieve the american

True leaders are humble leaders and they will have no shortage of customers, followers, and friends. We get the largest amount of these ultra-rich " job creators" giving up citizenship evading taxes in the history of the united states.

I'm able to look back at the last 50 years and have seen the change in my own family. July 11, at 1: Define each term so that no one can twist its meaning to their liking.

Lets look at Martin Luther King Jr. They dream of becoming rich and successful. July 11, at 3: But while the Bottom has risen the Top has fallen down. Martha, Rew, PA July 11, at 2: You wanted it straight, and there you have it. Blacks are, genetically, equivalent to whites, however they are harshly discriminated against based on their skin color and forced to overcome many more obstacles to achieve the same goal a white person can achieve with much more ease.

A car, for instance, not longer than 2 yrs. These little things get taken for granted by us whites all too often, and it's next to impossible to walk in the other man's shoes. As much as us whites like to pretend like everyone has equal opportunities if we just work hard enough, it's just not true.

Live as close to debt free as possible, and live within your means. Rich people are afraid their money will be worth less if poor people get rich. There are "White" people in this country who at one point weren't Eastern Europeans, Jews, Irish, and Mediterraneans, for exampleand nearly all of them have seen their prospects of reaching the American Dream increase exponentially since 'becoming White'.

I was born very poor and made my way up the ladder on my own through hard work and perseverance not handouts and hope. But, sadly it does. Texas has the lowest unemployment at 7. These facts, shocking but true, go to prove the point that a persons race affects what opportunities they may have and what things they will be able to achieve.

If your dream is your own business the learn and go for it and accept whatever challenges you'll face. This brings us to When you see more money put in your savings at the end of each pay period, and can make big ticket CASH purchases, it is empowering and the smarter way to go. African Americans and other minorities are significantly less well off than whites.

The ones who have the will to lift themselves up and out of poverty are succeeding and have found the dream. Whether your white, black, yellow or brown, you are given the chance to come start over again in the land of opportunity and freedom.The American Dream How does one achieve the American Dream?

The answer undoubtedly depends upon one’s definition of the Dream, and there are many from which to choose. John Winthrop envisioned a religious paradise in a "City upon a Hill." Martin Luther King, Jr. dreamed of racial equality. The problem with wanting what they have now is that you get into debt.

And when you get into debt, your ability to achieve the American dream is super limited.

How Does One Achieve the American Dream?

You can't quit your job and start your own business, because you have credit card bills hanging over your head, for instance. Work hard. May 06,  · One can only try to be in a better position and that usually involves money. The dream is the dream until you awaken to the nightmare that is reality.

How to achieve the American Dream

You live, love, the ones you love die, you're sad, you live on until you get old and die, sick and die or is killed by and accident or Open. We All Have the Opportunity to Achieve the American Dream Essay Words 3 Pages Opportunity is defined in Webster's Dictionary as 'A good position, chance or prospect for achievement'; which is easily connected to the idea of The American Dream.

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Jul 04,  · No idea is more central to Americans' outlook than the American dream — the belief that with hard work and the freedom to pursue your destiny you can achieve success and provide better. Achieve The American Dream If happen to be in the not-so-unique position of using a college degree or type of of professional training and also see any movement about your career path in relation to landing jobs that are completely unrelated to your passions in order to career satisfaction, fear not.

How does one achieve the american
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