Concept analysis of health

For instance, the implementation of an EHR in the care of those with diabetes yielded an improvement in systolic and diastolic blood pressure, smoking cessation, and other health outcome measures Herrin et al. Acknowledgments We thank all members of staff in the School of Management at UMIST who helped in any way with the considerable task of collecting together the studies summarised in this report.

American Journal of Health Behaviour, 31 6 This article is a report of a concept analysis of eHealth Background. Establish corrective actions These are actions to be taken when monitoring indicates a deviation from an established critical limit.

Creative Nursing, 15 1 PLoS Medicine, 7 11 Prentice Hall Wickramasinghe, N. Patient Education and Counseling, 63 The simple fact that it is developed by and used for humans suggests that it is inherently sociological. In Farlex Online Dictionary, Retrieved from: Both national and subnational policies are needed to reduce the shortfall in human resources for health: Search the literature for journal articles and books related to the concept to get sense of the beliefs and thoughts of others in the discipline regarding theconcept.

Some concepts relevant to nursing are health, nursing, managed care, coping and parenting. Contents of Job Description and Job Specification: A review of nursing literature and resources revealed that many researchers referenced eHealth in articles without actually giving a clear definition.

Why concept analysis?

This raises a problem of combining studies from different cultures, where attitudes to and perceptions of job satisfaction may differ considerably, and from a wide variety of occupations.

The contents of job description and job specification are presented in the following Table 5. Then, through a set of strategies and activities, it is applied to inform the practice of health care practitioners and policymakers and ultimately improves health outcomes.

Health Forum Journal, 44 1 Importantly, the relationships found were much greater than with any other work characteristic evaluated.

eHealth: A concept analysis from a nursing perspective

In a broader sense, the term characterizes not only a technical development, but also a state-of-mind, a way of thinking, an attitude, and a commitment for networked global thinking, to improve health care locally, regionally, and world-wide by using information and communication technology e.

With the advent of new technology comes a balance between privacy and the access to all available health information, and in order for eHealth to exist, it is crucial to strike this balance by protecting sensitive data and keeping consumer trust Patient Trust Key to Health, Consequences of this concept were difficult to identify since this concept is in its infancy and the literature is far from conclusive.

First, most studies reviewed did not fully describe the characteristics of the mid-level health workers involved; in particular, the level and amount of training and supervision provided were not reported.

It is evident from this review that although eHealth has a strong presence in the health literature, researchers need to develop a consistent definition. Decision-makers must consider the readiness of clinicians, organizational and technical preparation, and patient trust when developing and implementing eHealth strategies in order to ensure the smooth rollout of new service delivery models.

Although 22 maternal deaths occurred in procedures performed by clinical officers compared with 1 in procedures performed by medical officers, the difference was not significant.

A concept is usually a measurable variable in an hypothesis, assumption, or proposition.

Quality of care provided by mid-level health workers: systematic review and meta-analysis

A thematic analysis was conducted to identify attributes, antecedents and consequences of KT steps 4- 7. This innovative solution may help to coordinate care across a continuum by ensuring that services are more accessible, patient-centered, and promote the empowerment of individuals.

It is clear from the literature that there is a great deal of variance in the eHealth concept, making it difficult to abridge.Analysis of the concept overcoming helps nurses design clinical interventions that promote the process, contributing to positive physical, psychosocial, and environmental health outcomes.

Nurses working with particular populations, such as the homelesss, may find overcoming and its attributes integral to assessment and intervention. Analysis definition, the separating of any material or abstract entity into its constituent elements (opposed to synthesis).

See more. The Concept Analysis of Health Promotion Abstract Health promotion (HP) is a multi-dimensional and complex concept which the researcher is frequently used and defined in different ways. Harlan Carvey, in Windows Forensic Analysis Toolkit (Third Edition), Locard’s Exchange Principle.

This is an analysis concept that has been addressed and discussed in a number of resources; I’m including it here because no discussion of analysis concepts would be complete without it.

Job Analysis: Concept, Uses and Process of Job Analysis

The Concept Analysis of Health Promotion Abstract Health promotion (HP) is a multi-dimensional and complex concept which the researcher is frequently used and defined in different ways. Economic Evaluation Proceedings Paper The Productivity Assessment Tool: Computer-based cost benefit analysis model for the economic assessment of .

Concept analysis of health
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