Characters in the good earth

Eldest Son Nung En Wang Lung takes him from the fields and educates him; ironically, the son later feels contempt for the land.

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They escaped, however, after being imprisoned only a few days. In the midst of all this happiness, Ching dies suddenly in the fields. She dies when the house is sacked by a mob. Three die during the drought and famine.

The apostle murdered another follower of the religion after Renee defeated him in combat and told her that her besting the man was the reason he had to die, therefore she had committed murder, the last lesson. Wang Lung wishes to keep him on the land as a farmer, but he does not wish to be a farmer.

Nevertheless, she is hardworking and self-sacrificing. Andy can create a force field around his body to protect himself from impacts. Daughter of Wang Lung Born and killed during the famine: Two-Face was put back in Arkham Asylum and Renee was cleared of all the charges.

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Wang Lung finally appreciates her place in his life as he mourns her passing. Wang Lung uses this money to bring the family home, buy a new ox and farm tools, and hire servants to work the land for him. When she lies on her deathbed, Wang Lung pays all of his attention to her and purchases her coffin not long before her death.

Pear Blossom promises Wang Lung that she will look after the eldest daughter after his death. At the behest of the new BatmanRenee came back to Gotham to help solve the mystery of the Eighth Sin. Many are forced to sell some of their land to Wang Lung in order to do so, while others sell their daughters.

Youngest Son — Put in charge of the fields while the middle and eldest sons go to school. She mostly sits in the sun and twists a piece of cloth. Wang Lung intends that his third son, unlike his first two, remain on the land.

Later, Renee was watching a baseball game in a lesbian bar when a man named Charlie walked in to join her. He multiplies his fortunes through the help of his loyal wife, O-lan, and his faith in the good earth.

Pear Blossom — Bought as a young girl, she serves as a slave to Lotus. She is a good-humored, robust village maid who marries the second son. It is suggested that O-lan kills her because it is during the famine, and a girl is only a burden, brought up to be given to other families in marriage.

Another slave offers to take her place, and the arrangement is sealed. When Wang Lung becomes wealthy, he takes a mistress, no longer sleeps with O-lan, and criticizes her cruelly. Girl Cousin of Wang Lung Daughter of the uncle: He caused trouble for Wang Lung and others in the household for many years, until eventually Wang Lung gives him enough opium to keep him in a harmless stupor for the rest of his life.

Wang was often referred to as "Wang, the farmer," as when he was greeted by Cuckoo upon his initial visit to the tea house. The FBI were notified and it was handed over by the consignor. Kyle Abbot was there as well and murdered the employees of a shipping company that the two were going to investigate.

The Good Earth

Together they met Kate Kane at Gotham Parkwhere Kate confirmed that the warehouse was being leased by Ridge-Ferrick Holding up until six weeks prior. According to Cuckoo, he is one of the robbers to loot the great house during the famine.

An apostle of the cult Order of Stone, believing The Question to be The Faceless One from the Crime Bible, used her quest against them to teach her the "four lessons of crime": He caused trouble for Wang Lung and others in the household for many years, until eventually Wang Lung gives him enough opium to keep him in a harmless stupor for the rest of his life.

She walked out of the building and quit the GCPD the next day, disgusted and broken. Like her husband and son, she is lazy and manipulative.Sons is the sequel to The Good Earth, the second book in the trilogy. Wang Lung was a man who lived on the earth until he got rich enough to have tenants to do the labor.

The First SonMan, Wang Lung and O-lan sure are proud parents. They love this kid. They think he's totally the best: "As for our son, there was not even a child among the concubines of the Old Maste.

The Good Earth is a American drama film about Chinese farmers who struggle to survive.

Good Characters

It was adapted by Talbot Jennings, Tess Slesinger, and Claudine West from the play by Owen Davis and Donald Davis, which was in itself based on the novel of the same name by Nobel Prize-winning author Pearl S. film was directed by Sidney Franklin, with uncredited contributions by Victor.

And, finally, many characters are not named but are designated by their relationship to one another, such as Wang Lung's uncle's son. Wang Lung The Chinese farmer who rises from a peasant farmer, struggling for a living, About The Good Earth; Character List Summary and Analysis Chapters Abraham Lincoln (The Blue, the Grey, and the Bat) Abraham Lincoln (The Brave and the Bold: Earth) Absolom (Wildstorm Universe).

The Good Earth is a novel by Pearl S. Buck published in and awarded the Pulitzer Prize for the Novel in The best-selling novel in the United States in both and was an influential factor in Buck's winning the Nobel Prize for Literature in It is the first book in a trilogy that includes Sons () and A House Divided ().

The novel, which dramatizes family life in.

Characters in the good earth
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