An analysis of values in my antonia and the great gatsby

She is about fourteen years old, a few years older than Jim. She was the first of seven children. What are the 3 principal values he articulates? Jake gives his impression of Ambrosch as a hard worker but a little mean.

When she has to choose between her work at the Harlings and dancing, she chooses dancing. Cather also makes a sophisticated commentary on the distinctions that began to emerge between country people and town people in her youth.

You are then a translator, without a lexicon, without notes. However, despite his admiration for and familiarity with Antonia, he cannot come any closer to her than as a sympathetic observer. In Russia, he had saved his own life by throwing his friends, a new bride and groom, from a sleigh to hungry wolves that chased them.

Burden Grandfather Burden is reserved, dignified, but occasionally outspoken. Shimerda comes looking for the girls, and they run to meet him. It is on his account that Jim goes to Harvard. He loves his new country, where anyone who can care for a cow can own one-not just rich men.


Most of the area around the house, at least the part not covered with corn, is covered with wild red grass. Jim lends Yulka his coat and drops the two young women off at their home, but Yulka forgets to give the coat back, and Jim becomes sick and is forced to stay inside for two weeks because of it.

Shimerda stays for dinner, and Mr. O Frances Harling The oldest Harling daughter, Frances helps her father in his business, is familiar with all the farm people, and has a keen eye for both business and people.

Things will be easy for you. Women of all races remained unable to vote.

My Antonia: Novel Summary

But by then, Tiny had lost the ability to be interested in anything. Shimerda showed him three prairie dogs that he had killed, and that Otto had tried to convince him that they were not good to eat.

About Willa Cather

The task for Jim Burden in recounting the past is not to dwell in it, but to use it to celebrate the present, however reluctantly. For the first time, inCongress acts to restrict immigration on a selective basis, although standards are not very stringent.

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Compare and Contrast

Shimerda, with his iron-grey hair, well-shaped hands, and silk neck cloth, has a genteel, dignified bearing, a shadow from a different world.

She agrees, but she gives him some information about all of the various animals that he might see. When the snow becomes passable on horse, Otto Fuchs rigs a sleigh for Jim to run errands with.

This led him and Peter to come to America. Peter ends up leaving America to work as a railway cook. Turnitin software will be used in this course.This new guide gives you an in-depth analysis of The Great Gatsby, unlocking its more confusing aspects, making the book accessible and enjoyable, and helping you uncover all the details that make up the story.

Included in this guide: a biography of author F. Scott Fitzgerald, a look at the book's context, its literary elements, and detailed chapter.

What are common themes in The Great Gatsby and My Antonia?

My Ántonia, published inis arguably the most famous work of American novelist Willa novel takes the form of a fictional memoir written by Jim Burden about an immigrant girl named Ántonia with whom he grew up in the American West.

Jun 03,  · Innocence in Daisy Miller by Henry James, My Antonia by Willa Cather and the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It is not as easy as it seems to distinguish who is innocent and who is not. Innocence is a cultural concept which is usually confusing. May 04,  · Literature Help: Novels: Plot Overview My Antonia.

Literature Help: Novels: Plot Overview My Antonia F.

Class, Capitalism and Money in The Great Gatsby

Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby summary - Duration. One central theme that The Great Gatsby and My Ántonia explore is the theme of American identity. Various characters in both novels make the conscious decision to try and reshape themselves so they can be considered “proper” Americans.

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An analysis of values in my antonia and the great gatsby
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